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Board Of Directors

The board of directors manages the school and its staff, applies the by-laws, and maintains the orientation manual.  People interested are asked to join the board during the annual general meeting after which the chairperson and vice-chairperson are nominated and elected at the following board meeting.

Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Board Members

  • Chairperson

    • Malavika CHAKRAVARTY

  • Secretary

    • Francis MAHER
  • Treasurer

    • Hong Chou TIV

  • Webmaster

    • Jonathan BOUCHARD

  • Regular Members


    • Kevin CAPPON

    • Edward CHANG

    • Chris CHURCH

    • Najat JABOO

    • Danielle OUIMETTE

    • Rock MALICK

    • Remy SUEN

  • Honorary Members

    • Eiko BLACK

The OJLS By-Laws

The by-laws reflect the mandate of the school and ensures the self-governance of its incorporation.  They are reviewed by the board of directors and approved annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Orientation Manual

An orientation manual is drafted by the board of directors and revised every year with the input of the school participants and staff provided via e-mail or during the meetings to ensure standard procedures for the school, including scheduling, class curriculum, volunteer staff honorarium, and various policies. The information on this Web site is based on the manual of which copies are available upon request at the school.

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