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Our School

Located in the central region of Ottawa, the Ottawa Japanese Language School was established in 1976 by the Japanese community in Ottawa, and has been dedicated to providing top quality Japanese language education ever since. The school is run by a volunteer Board of Directors and is operated on a non-profit basis.

School Hallway
School Students

Who Can Attend?

We cater to students of all skill levels from beginners through to advanced, and all ages from kindergarten students through to adults

We offer a range of carefully designed classes for professionals who require knowledge of Japanese for their work or for those who want to improve their understanding of the Japanese language and culture.


We also have classes specifically designed for children of Japanese parents who are working in Canada on a temporary basis.

Heritage language program is only offered to children aged 4 to 12 years old.

Class sizes vary depending on the level of Japanese. The total student body numbers approximately 200 per year.

Our Instructors

The Ottawa Japanese Language School's teachers are all native Japanese speakers, who are living and working in Canada's capital. They are trained teachers and the school also sponsors regular teacher training sessions for them to hone their skills. This is a dedicated group of professionals, and they know how to make language learning enjoyable.

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